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Is your yard buried under a sea of leaves? Reclaim your outdoor space and let the beauty of your landscape shine through with our professional Green Thumb leaf removal services!

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When you work with our team you can be sure that your project will be completed with a high standard of professionalism.


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We are poised to take care of your lawn without taking over your property for extended periods of time. 


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Our team believes good communication is important to maintain throughout the entire process. We want to keep our clients happy by knowing and relaying expectations.

Our professional leaf removal team serving the Crozet VA area can tailor offerings to meet specific needs. Whether it’s a one-time cleanup or a recurring service throughout the fall season, we can adapt to the requirements of your property. This customization allows homeowners to choose a service that aligns with their preferences and budget. Hiring our company offers the convenience of not having to invest in expensive leaf removal equipment. We come equipped with everything needed for a thorough and efficient removal process.


You are here for information. So let’s answer some of the top questions.

The ideal time to remove leaves from your yard is typically in the fall when the majority of leaves have fallen. Regular removal during this season helps prevent them from accumulating and suffocating your lawn. However, it’s also a good practice to remove leaves throughout the year to maintain a healthy lawn.

The most efficient way to remove leaves depends on the size of your property and the amount of leaves. Options include using a rake, leaf blower, hire a professional.

Whether to hire a professional service for leaf removal depends on your time, resources, and the size of your property. If you lack the time or ability to do it yourself hiring a professional service may be most convenient. Professionals often have the necessary equipment to efficiently and quickly remove leaves and you can just enjoy how beautiful your landscape looks. 

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